Third International Workshop for Coordination of International Spaceborne SAR Missions

6 – 8 November, 2024 | Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture, Japan

Location: Ureshino-shi, Saga Prefecture, Japan

Dates: 6-8 November, 2024

Venue: Watayabeso, Shinzo Room

Draft Agenda: Avaliable here


Saga Prefecture & JAXA have block booked a number of rooms at two hotels for participants. You can choose which option you prefer and your requirements when registering at the link above.

  1. Wataya besso is an Onsen (hot spring), with per night prices starting at 19,800 JPY (130 USD) for a single use room, or 12,100 JPY (80 USD) per person for a double use room. Participants will stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan with Tatami (Japanese room), which includes a futon bed with a big shared bath (Onsen / hot spring). Breakfast will be provided. A small number of rooms are available with private onsens or western style beds. For more information on options and prices, please consult this spreadsheet.
  2. Fairfield Saga Ureshino Onsen is a western business hotel, at about 100 (TBC) USD per person, per night. This includes standard western hotel features and a private bath (but no Onsen). Breakfast can be preordered in advance for 15 USD per person.

Week at a glance

Wednesday 6th Nov Thursday 7th Nov Friday 8th Nov Saturday 9th Nov
Morning Opening Session

Status of WGs and TAs

Keynote addresses

Commercial discussions

WG Break out sessions

Reports by WGs & TAs

Discussions, way forward, and closing

Cultural Event – At Yume Ginga (TBD)
Afternoon Agency Updates TA Break out sessions Cultural Excursion (Optional – self funded)
Evening Ice breaker TBD Workshop dinner (Buffet) with Saga Culture