Thematic Area 3: Program and Mission Coordination

Session organisers:

  • Gerald Bawden (NASA)
  • Malcolm Davidson (ESA)

The recommendations of TA-3 following the second workshop include the following:

Mission coordination

  • Encourage Agencies to include members from other agencies during their mission formulation process (i.e. Science Teams).
  • Encourage multilateral information exchange on mission formulation such as anticipated architectures, collection strategies, and modes, to help foster future partnership and mission coordination.
  • Recommend SAR Agencies to better coordinate SAR calibration/validation activities and infrastructure to promote sustained cross-mission calibration including the participation in CEOS SAR cal/val WG.
  • Encourage Agencies to develop standards and contribute to multi-mission science products cal/val.

Commercial SAR (ComSAR)

  • Encourage Agencies who are evaluating ComSAR to share quality assessment and evaluation of ComSAR data. Lessons learned on how ComSAR can address mission science requirements: data availability, tasking, strengths/weakness.
  • Explore mechanisms with New Space/ComSAR sector to open the archive to support science after a given time period and seek a better understand from the ComSAR sector on the purchase of large data volumes for science: i,e. systematically image Greenland.
  • Encourage to work together to protect the SAR spectrum